Our business pillars

We scale-up
through solutions

We innovate through people, Enable through processes, Expedite through technology. Therefore, we scale-up through solutions.


Professional Shared Service

A two-way approach infused with intelligence, innovation and extensive industry expertise. Enabling partners to manage workforces effectively and optimizing productivity.


Business Process Outsourcing

A well-designed pool of servicesthat supports all practices to accelerate and reach your optimal potential of growth by managing teams and processes



Process Automation Technologies

A Technology-enabled automation of complex business processes, provided in ready packaged to ease adoption and implementation

  • OSUS

    B2B Shared Services Marketplace that focuses on creating value for both buyers and sellers in a seamless way. Learn more by visiting OSUS’s website: https://osusmarket.com/

  • OSUS Services:

    HR, Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Spaces, Technology, Health Insurance , PoS & more

  • OSUS Solutions:

    • Directory and search engine for services and providers
    • Requests for quotations with order management
    • Requests for proposals and linking to the best providers
    • Defined services with clear pricing and packaging
    • Contracting and payments through the platform
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant

    Intelligent Virtual Assistant create revolution of the customer experience in Saudi Arabia by enabling machine to understand,process, and interact in 26 languages including native Arabic dialects both in speech and text , Intelligent Virtual Assistant offers human-like interactions in Call-bots and Chatbots

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant Services:

    • AI Powered Smart Voice Agent
    • AI Powered Personal Assistant
    • AI Powered Chatbot
    • OMNI Channel Contact Center
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solutions:

    Multiple Languages

    Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant supports 26 languages including Native Arabic dialects


    Ability to integrate with ERP, CRM and more

    Statistical Reports

    Extraction of operational performance report

    Self Learning

    Advanced and simplified low code can be learned to configure and scenarios deploy for the Voice Assistant within days

    Scenarios as needed

    Full dedicated team to analyze and write different scenarios

    Data Security

    Protecting systems by using latest technologies

  • Operational Management Solutions

    Consists of a set of operational management solutions, with the aim to expediting and easing the operational processes

  • Operational Management Solutions Offerings:

    Committees Management

    Providing the ability to manage internal and external meetings of the entity where it manages the Board of Directors meetings and others according to different governance mechanisms and the achievement of objectives

    Strategic Management Offices

    Automating the Strategic Management Office's business and procedures and enable executive management to access all data through dashboards and reports

    Task Management

    Enabling the user to create, follow up and distribute tasks among the members of the Authority and follow up on their situation

    Project Offices Management

    Automating PMO's business and procedures through best practices and enable executive management to access all data through dashboards and reports


Bundled Solutions

A well-designed pool of services that supports all practices to accelerate and reach your optimal potential of growth by managing teams and processes

  • Shared Services Outsourcing

    Centralized point of service to be used as back-office operations that serves multiple clients on their non-strategic activitiesand outsource their supporting functions to be managed by the client or by AHAD.

  • Outsourcing Operations and Project Management

    Is an end-to-end outsourcing to manage and operate projects, initiatives, services and digital solutions handling all aspects from establishing infrastructure, reengineering the process and enabling the workforce to effectively achieve the optimal end results

  • Local Establishment

    An end-to-end service that offers full-fledged journey to establish both governmental or private entities entirely or partially.Starting off with the mandate phase, building strategies, the establishment of infrastructure, operations, performing day to day tasks and ending with knowledge transfer

  • Establishment

    One-stop shop for international companies to establish in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from infrastructure establishment to supporting and enabling the workforce and serving to provide and facilitate all requirements


  • Executive Support Services

    Enabling executives of government and private entities to build their strategies, goals and creating an effective execution plan within 100 days, to accelerate the achievements of targets and initiatives

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